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    For over fifteen years, The Laurel Tree Companies has provided individuals and companies with quality content ranging from resumes and cover letters to proposals and image enhancing marketing materials. Our boutique style product leaves no question to the reader with regard to the message intended by our clients. We take pride in what we have been able to accomplish garnering accolades and referrals that speak volumes as to our vision and mission “To create a product that speaks for our clients exactly what they would say if they were there to speak for themselves.”  

    We're Special and So Are You

    Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen-not behind your name. The Laurel Tree Companies believes in customizing each document for each client even if they are in the same industry. Companies and individuals are all different and unlike many content providers, we do not use templates. You are designed to look like you and the use of templates that only change the name and a few words hardly help you to stand apart from your peers or competition. Engaging The Laurel Tree Companies and our methodologies allows you to feel confident that your message and only your message is conveyed in a concise and precise manner.  

    Image Consulting On Paper

    Having complete capabilities in creating documentation for a variety of industries and sectors, The Laurel Tree Companies is fully experienced in working with you. As your partner in crafting the image you wish to portray, we work closely to ensure your complete satisfaction. We do not take for granted that you have entrusted us with your career as an individual or with your company’s future. Our referral base is strong and the request from existing clients for additional services is constant. To add, if you are an outsourcing company seeking a partner in training or assisting your clients in resume writing or interviewing skills, we are able to design and conduct workshops that will undoubtedly meet your needs as well.      


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